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What Charges Can be Expunged in Illinois? 

When you have a criminal charge on your record, you may have experienced many adverse effects, whether in terms of applying for a job or answering a question about your criminal past in a personal relationship. Whatever the circumstances behind your conviction, you might experience many benefits if it can be expunged, and a criminal defense attorney can help you work through the process. 

An experienced Illinois criminal defense attorney with the Law Offices of Jonathan Minkus can help ensure that your expungement is processed with the greatest chance of success in your situation. Read on to learn more about which charges can be expunged in Illinois and how a criminal defense attorney can help. 

What is Expungement and Sealing in Illinois?

An expungement is beneficial to you because it makes it as though your criminal record never happened, as your arrest and court supervision records are fully removed from your criminal record. In terms of sealing, your criminal record is hidden from most of the public. Law enforcement can see your sealed records, and employers who conduct background checks can see sealed felonies, however, sealed misdemeanor charges or charges that did not lead to a conviction are not viewable by an employer unless the employer is a law enforcement agency

Having one of your prior criminal offenses expunged removes it completely from your criminal record and will no longer have to be mentioned when you apply for a job or for housing, which means it might no longer impact your personal or professional life in a negative way. An attorney can advise what options are best for your situation. 

Adult and Juvenile Charges are Sometimes Eligible for Expungement in Illinois

In the state of Illinois, there are some situations in which your prior charges might be either expunged or sealed. For persons with qualifying arrests and convictions, a petition may be filed with the court of their sentencing county to expunge or seal their records. To complete the process, you must use the correct legally correct forms for your sealing or expungement request, then file it with the correct office to ensure it is effectively processed. 

Expungement and sealing are available for a variety of situations in Illinois, including:

  • Certain juvenile offenses
  • Cannabis possession
  • Arrests that did not result in a conviction
  • A conviction that was vacated, reversed, or pardoned
  • Sentences for court supervision after two years passed since successful completion
  • Sentences for court supervision after five years passed since successful completion for domestic battery, not having insurance, or criminal sexual abuse of an adult victim

There is also an extensive list of offenses that cannot be expunged. Determining whether or not your charges are eligible for sealing or expungement requires a thorough knowledge of state criminal law and procedure and an informed assessment of your unique case.

Connect with an Illinois Criminal Defense Attorney Now to Help Expunge Your Charge

Reach out to one of the experienced criminal defense attorneys with the Law Offices of Jonathan Minkus to schedule a consultation to discuss your case. We will determine what your options are and how you can take advantage of whatever expungement opportunities Illinois might offer for your case. 

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