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Three Reasons To Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney For Your Case

If you are facing a criminal charge, it’s important that you act quickly, or the case against you can become worse. Your first course of action should be to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney in Illinois, like Jonathan Minkus. It’s critical that you know your legal options and have accurate guidance on the criminal charge process and what is in your best interest. 

Here are three of the top reasons why you should hire a criminal defense attorney for your case:

1. Experience Is Necessary

Your best chance of reducing or eliminating the charges is usually through negotiations. You’ll want an experienced attorney in place quickly so negotiations can begin as soon as possible. Even if the charges against you are reduced, any criminal offense can be serious. The Illinois Penal Code can be complicated, so you need someone who is knowledgeable about the law and who has your best interests in mind. Throughout the process, your attorney will have the knowledge and experience necessary to collect evidence to support your case, set up mediations with your accuser, or discuss a plea bargain with the prosecutors.

2. Protect Your Rights

Arresting officers often make mistakes or step beyond legal boundaries. An experienced defense attorney can review the facts and help determine if your constitutional rights were violated. We’ve spent years learning the nuances and proper procedures. We know what it is permissible for the police officers to do and can ensure proper warrants were obtained, and evidence was gathered appropriately. We will also protect your rights if police, the prosecution, or investigators want to interview you about the case. Without your attorney present, you may accidentally hurt your case. 

Remember, it is your legal right to have an attorney with you when you are interviewed or questioned. Hiring an attorney and having an attorney present is not an admission of guilt or a sign of wrongdoing. It is simply a way for you to protect your rights.

3. The Penalties Are Severe

Most criminal charges come with the possibility of jail time and costly fines. In addition, you may need to pay for expenses such as bail or court costs. These can add up quickly. Your criminal defense attorney will also understand that there are future repercussions to a criminal conviction, including your ability to keep or obtain a job, find housing, or obtain financial assistance. We will zealously advocate for you, so you can obtain the best outcome possible.

An Experienced Illinois Criminal Defense Attorney

At the Law Offices of Jonathan Minkus, our award-winning criminal defense attorney is here to help you. Attorney Minkus will aggressively and passionately fight for your rights. If you or a loved one is under investigation for a crime, has been arrested and charged, or is seeking post-conviction relief, contact our office today for a free consultation. We’ll review your case with you, provide guidance, and help you begin planning your defense.

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