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Posted by a Client of Minkus Criminal Law on 10/01/2018

Jonathan was the only one willing to help my husband and me during a tough time. My husband was facing deportation and had no chance to beat his case unless Jonathan was able to vacate a previous conviction. Jonathan was persistent and genuinely advocated for my husband and family. Jonathan was able to vacate the 12-year-old conviction with DuPage County, giving us a fighting chance with immigration. Jonathan was the light at the end of our dark tunnel. We are incredibly pleased with his work and would recommend his services to anyone.

Posted by a Client of Minkus Criminal Law on 08/22/2018

I hired Mr. Jonathan Minkus for a criminal drug conviction which I needed removed off of my record that I had pled guilty to over 7 years ago. Without going into too much detail about the difficulty of my case, I would just like to emphasize how difficult it is to convince a Judge 7 years after pleading guilty to drop a charge. Well, Jonathan made it happen. As other reviewers have said, he is not the cheapest lawyer around. But guess what? I hired a cheap lawyer when I got the conviction and was never told how negatively it would affect my future (believe me, the negatives were life-changing). Years later Jonathan had to step in to fix it. Don’t waste your money somewhere else. Jonathan works hard to beat your case, is always available when you have questions or concerns, and honestly is one of the smoothest talkers I’ve met (reality check: even judges like to be stroked). I highly recommend Jonathan to anyone who has gotten into trouble and would like a way out. Jonathan see’s the good in you and understands you made a mistake and carefully makes the prosecution/judge see the same. I’ve literally given his number to all of my friends and family and they know that if they’re ever in trouble, Jonathan is their man to call. I advise you to do the same. Before I hired Jonathan, I read some of his reviews and thought, all of this seems too good to be true. Well, let me tell you folks, it’s true, he’s the real deal, and I can go on and on raving about him and it still wouldn’t be enough for what he’s done for me. Thanks for everything Jonathan. Seriously, if you’re reading this and are looking for a lawyer, Jonathan Minkus is your man!

Posted by a Client of Minkus Criminal Law on 06/25/2018

Mr. Minkus did extremely good work on my difficult criminal case for Resisting Arrest . Also he help me save my Commercial Driver License for Agrivated speeding. That means he save my job and my income. This is High Class Lawyer and I would recommended This Lawyer to anyone with deep trouble . Thank You again mr Minkus.

Posted by a Client of Minkus Criminal Law on 04/16/2017

I was wrongfully advised by an immigration lawyer to expunge my criminal record that consisted of a drug related charge in order to apply for residency. My wife and I quickly found out this was not true and were referred by two different lawyers (who did not know one another) to contact Mr. Minkus. We were without hope and filled with stress.

Posted by a Client of Minkus Criminal Law on 03/28/2017

I almost never write reviews and when Mr. Minkus just finished representing my brother and I looked for him online I felt like I had to write this. Yes, he is not the cheapest lawyer around but he did exactly what he said he would do. My brother was being deported and we were sent to Mr. Minkus to try and fix his criminal record.

Posted by a Client of Minkus Criminal Law on 03/28/2017

I hired Mr. Minkus a month ago after a convoluted incident that left me with criminal trespass and criminal damage to property, possibly pending a burglary charge. The confessions I had written and the police notes that were taken while I was in custody painted a very bad portrait of me and the system likely would have given me a severe sentence if not for

Posted by a Client of Minkus Criminal Law on 03/28/2017

My experience with mr. Minkus was outstanding. Mr.Minkus really help me with difficult criminal case for Resisting Arrest and extremely bad traffic ticket for agrivated speeding . I would recommend this lawyer to anyone who are in deep trouble. I would love to say again THANK YOU mr Minkus for Excellent work on my case.

Posted by a Client of Minkus Criminal Law on 03/17/2017

I had a conviction in my record that affect my ability to get my citizenship. Mr Johnatan came highly recommend from my immigration attorney and he was right. Mr Minkus went out of his way to get my conviction changed to the level that won’t affect me anymore. I highly recommend his services.

Posted by a Client of Minkus Criminal Law on 03/14/2017

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