Record Sealing

Record Sealing

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As humans, we all make mistakes. When errors in judgement lead to a criminal conviction, they can have a severe impact on many aspects of your life. You may have difficulty finding a job or passing an employment background check. If you’re working to become a U.S. citizen, a criminal conviction can affect your eligibility and even put you at risk of deportation. You do have options for post-conviction remedies, including record sealing, but not all cases qualify for such relief.

The rules governing record sealing and other post-conviction matters are quite complex, so it’s important to have a skilled, knowledgeable lawyer on your side. Attorney Jonathan Minkus has served clients in Northern Illinois for over three decades, assisting them in navigating the post-conviction relief process. Please contact our Chicago or Skokie offices for a case evaluation, but some general information on record sealing can help you understand the process.

Qualifying for Record Sealing in Illinois

If you’ve been convicted of a crime, you do not qualify for expungement to erase your history. However, you may eligible to have your record sealed if your conviction involved certain non-violent misdemeanors, so long as the offense doesn’t qualify as a sex crime. You can even qualify for record sealing if you were convicted of certain classes of felonies, or if you successfully completed the terms of probation.

Proceedings for Record Sealing

Mr. Minkus will initiate the process by completing a Request to Seal Records, with your assistance. The form requires you to include supporting information, including all details regarding arrests and prior convictions. Mistakes can be costly, so retaining Mr. Minkus to assist with the process is crucial.

How Record Sealing Affects Your Criminal History

Sealing your record means that Illinois will still physically and electronically maintain the information, but it will not be available to the public. Your name is officially removed from any official index, so anyone seeking your record must obtain a court order. Law enforcement agencies and some courts may still have access to the information, as will certain employers. However, you can still indicate “No” on an employment application that asks whether you’ve been convicted of a crime.

Talk to a Qualified Attorney About Record Sealing and Other Post-Conviction Relief

Attorney Jonathan Minkus has represented many clients seeking criminal record sealing and various forms of post-conviction relief after being convicted of a crime. In his 33 years of practice, Mr. Minkus has focused on a wide array of post-conviction proceedings. Plus, as a former Assistant State’s Attorney, he draws upon unique experience and extensive background in criminal cases. If you’re considering record sealing and would like to know whether you qualify, Mr. Minkus will conduct a case review to evaluate the facts in your matter and determine which options are available to you under Illinois law.

An experienced Chicago, Illinois criminal defense attorney can help you with record sealing proceedings, so contact us today by calling (847) 966-0300. At the Law Offices of Jonathan Minkus, we offer FREE case reviews at our convenient locations in Chicago and Skokie, Illinois.

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