Reckless Homicide, Manslaughter

Reckless Homicide, Manslaughter

Illinois Manslaughter & Homicide Defense Attorney

If you or a loved one is involved in a murder or manslaughter investigation—charged, arrested or otherwise implicated—it is imperative that you quickly contact an experienced and knowledgeable defense attorney, such as Jonathan Minkus. A murder or manslaughter conviction will most likely result in years—even a lifetime—in prison. With 33 years of practice in criminal law, Mr. Minkus will fight for your freedom, through dismissal of charges or by obtaining an acquittal or a not-guilty verdict at trial

Every murder or manslaughter case has a possible defense. Mr. Minkus possesses the experience for determining the best strategy for your case.

Whether your case involves mistaken identity, self-defense or other circumstances, full protection of your rights is critical and of immediate concern. Never allow yourself to be pressured into a confession. Never discuss your case with anyone, including investigators, other inmates or even family members. You must remain silent about your case, no matter how much you want to discuss it. Many people have damaged their own defense cases by trying to convince others that they are innocent or making statements while under duress. Only answer questions when your lawyer is present.

Manslaughter Charges in Chicago

Manslaughter is the accidental or intentional killing of another person. Involuntary manslaughter, which is a Class 3 felony, is the accidental killing of another person. In Illinois, when a driver commits involuntary manslaughter, the act is called reckless homicide and is a Class 3 felony. However, depending on the circumstances of the accident and the number of people harmed or killed, charges can easily escalate to a Class 2 felony, with a mandatory minimum sentence of two years in prison, if convicted. If you are convicted of a Reckless Homicide that involves a DUI, sentencing guidelines require a minimum of 3 years, with a possibility of up to 14 years, in prison. Jail terms are doubled if more than one person dies in a DUI-related reckless homicide.

Voluntary manslaughter—also known as 2nd degree murder—occurs when the offender takes the victim’s life but had no prior intent to kill and acted “in the heat of passion.” “Heat of passion” describes an intensely emotional state of mind that is a response to a provocation that would cause a reasonable person to act on impulse or without reflection, including the threat of deadly force that would cause an act of self defense. A voluntary manslaughter conviction may result in up to 20 years in prison.

Illinois Murder Charges

Murder is the taking of another person’s life with malice aforethought. This means that a certain amount of premeditation and planning was involved and that the act was deliberate. Therefore the penalties are much more severe. In Illinois, a Felony Murder (1st Degree Murder) conviction requires a 20-year prison term and may result in a life sentence.

Chicago Murder/Manslaughter Defense Attorney

An experienced criminal lawyer, Mr. Minkus will work tirelessly to defend your future and your freedom. He will investigate the facts involved in your situation and develop a defensive strategy that takes into account the criminal charges and circumstances involved. From discovery requests to challenging the evidence and witness statements, Mr. Minkus will fight vigorously to make sure the prosecution does not take liberties with evidence, testimony, or witnesses. Depending on the charge, common defense strategies may also include tainted or insufficient evidence, self defense or mistaken identity.

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