License Reinstatement

License Reinstatement

Illinois Driver’s License Reinstatement

Have you had your Illinois driver’s license suspended or revoked?

We are ready to provide you with the aggressive advocacy you need. The Law Offices of Jonathan Minkus, a criminal defense law firm serving the Chicago and surrounding areas, helps clients recover their driving privileges. We can explain the license reinstatement process to you and can offer you the help you need either to avoid suspension in the first place or to get your license reinstated.

Any individual with one of the following may qualify for license reinstatement:

  • Wish To Contest An Improper Suspension
  • Revoked for an Illinois DUI
  • Revoked for a non-Illinois DUI
  • Revoked for Non-DUI moving Violations
  • Revoked For A Felony With A Motor Vehicle
  • Revoked For Any Other Reason

To fight suspensions or revocations it is necessary to apply for a Secretary of State administrative hearing. When a license has been revoked due to too many traffic violations on record, we review past traffic offenses for ones that might be dismissed. As with those who have been convicted of DUI, we also make strong arguments that our clients have reformed and can now be trusted behind the wheel.

Undue Hardship & Restricted Licenses

Having your license suspended or revoked can put your job, education and important medical treatments at risk. For these reasons, Illinois law offers the possibility of a restricted driving permit, or hardship license, under certain circumstances, for mainly three purposes:

  1. Work
  2. Education/treatment—including attending AA meetings
  3. Medical reasons

We offer the skilled legal guidance you need to make an effective case at your hearing.

If you drive on the hardship license successfully for a specified period of time, typically nine months, you will be in good position to request a full license reinstatement. The Law Offices of Jonathan Minkus have obtained driving relief for many people who have multiple DUI offenses as well as people who have served time in prison for their DUI offenses.

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With 33 years of experience in criminal law, Senior Partner Jonathan Minkus possesses knowledge of Illinois’ traffic laws and courts and has successfully represented countless clients at license reinstatement hearings, helping them regain their driving privileges. Whether this is the first time your license has been threatened or you have lost your driving privileges before, we urge you to contact us for a FREE, confidential, initial consultation. Call (847) 966-0300.

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Senior Partner Jonathan Minkus has successfully defended individuals charged with every conceivable criminal offense, from traffic misdemeanors to death-penalty eligible homicides.

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