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Just because you were convicted of a crime doesn’t mean that your conviction must forever haunt employment background checks, stop you from becoming a U.S. citizen or remain a deportation threat.

There is no reason to let a youthful mistake, misunderstanding, past criminal record—or especially a criminal identity theft—be a barrier to future opportunities. Many options of post-conviction relief are available to help you, even after you have served time, finished probation, or paid your fines. Relief is critical for clearing the records of victims of criminal identity theft.

Through post-conviction proceedings, the Law Offices of Jonathan Minkus can attempt to lessen the negative consequences of having been convicted of a crime. Your background may be used against you in rental matters, employment and education opportunities, by Immigration and Naturalization—and even socially.

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Why Post-Conviction Relief?

Skokie Immigration DUI Attorney

Being an immigrant to the United States is challenging enough – there is nothing easy about leaving your home country and venturing to the U.S., and the challenges may range from learning the language to making friends, to finding employment to applying for legal status and more. One thing that can severely complicate your life as an immigrant in Skokie is being charged with a DUI. If you have been charged with a DUI and are not a citizen of the United States, you need a Skokie immigration DUI attorney on your side who is willing to advocate for you.

The Consequences of a DUI for an Immigrant to the United States

The consequences of being convicted of a driving under the influence charge in Illinois are serious, and may include a revocation of a driver’s license, a large fine, potential jail time, and more. If you are not a citizen of the United States, even if you are a green card holder and within the United States legally, the consequences of DUI may be even more serious.

In fact, if you are convicted of a DUI, you could even face deportation; having legal status in the United States does not protect you from deportation in all cases. If you are a not a citizen and are convicted of a DUI, you may face immigration court removal proceedings, during which a judge will decide whether or not your DUI crime satisfies one of the grounds by which deportation is allowed.

Even if you are not deported, if you are within the country legally and are hoping to become a citizen, your DUI crime may delay the process. This is because citizenship requires demonstrating good moral character for at least three years; a DUI conviction poses a challenge to this.

If you are not within the country legally, you can almost guarantee that you will face deportation. Staying within the United States if you do not have legal permission to be here in the first place is highly unlikely if you commit any type of crime.

How a Skokie Immigration DUI Attorney Can Help

If you are an immigrant who wants to live and work within the United States, you need an immigration lawyer. If you are an individual who is facing DUI charges, you need a criminal lawyer. If you are an immigrant who has been charged with driving under the influence, you need an immigration attorney with experience in criminal law.

At the Law Offices of Jonathan Minkus, our Skokie immigration DUI attorney can provide you with the legal support you’re looking for. We will do everything possible to mitigate the worst of consequences in your case, and protect your right to remain within the U.S. To schedule a free consultation with our law offices, please call us today, or contact us online.

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