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Just because you were convicted of a crime doesn’t mean that your conviction must forever haunt employment background checks, stop you from becoming a U.S. citizen or remain a deportation threat.

There is no reason to let a youthful mistake, misunderstanding, past criminal record—or especially a criminal identity theft—be a barrier to future opportunities. Many options of post-conviction relief are available to help you, even after you have served time, finished probation, or paid your fines. Relief is critical for clearing the records of victims of criminal identity theft.

Through post-conviction proceedings, the Law Offices of Jonathan Minkus can attempt to lessen the negative consequences of having been convicted of a crime. Your background may be used against you in rental matters, employment and education opportunities, by Immigration and Naturalization—and even socially.

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Why Post-Conviction Relief?

Skokie Expungement Lawyer

You may think that if you were charged with a crime but have since paid your dues, served your time, and fulfilled any other obligations and requirements set forth by the court or if your charge never resulted in a conviction, you will no longer be held back by your criminal history. However, this is not the case; when you are accused of committing a crime, both the arrest and the charge will show up on your record. Even if the crime happened years ago and you have fulfilled all required penalties, or if you were never even convicted, evidence of the crime could prevent you from getting a job, pursuing certain opportunities, and more. Fortunately, relief in the form of expungement may be possible. Our experienced Skokie expungement lawyer at the Law Offices of Jonathan Minkus can help you learn more about your options.

What Is Expungement?

The Office of the State Appellate Defender defines expunge as: “To physically destroy records or to return the records to the petitioner, and to obliterate (remove) the petitioner’s name from any official index or public record.” In other words, expungement is a court-ordered process by which the criminal record of a petitioner (the party seeking expungement) is erased in the eyes of the law. This means that if a search of an individual’s criminal background is conducted, the crime that is expunged will not show up. It also means that when an individual who has had their criminal record expunged is applying for a job or other position, they do not have to disclose their criminal background.

What Crimes Are Eligible for Expungement?

While expungement can be a very positive thing for those who are ready to move forward with their life without being burdened down by their past, expungement is a comprehensive legal process with a number of requirements. Some rules regarding expungement include:

How Can a Skokie Expungement Lawyer Help Me?

Being arrested for a crime, even if you are not convicted, can still affect your future and your opportunities. While convictions cannot be expunged, your record can be destroyed in many cases. Working with an attorney is recommended – your attorney can help you to understand whether your record is eligible for expungement, consider other post-arrest/conviction relief options, and assist you in completing paperwork and filing it with the appropriate court.

At the Law Offices of Jonathan Minkus, we know that you may be ready to leave your past behind you. If you are, call us today for a free consultation. Attorney Jonathan Minkus will work hard for you.

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