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Naperville Record Sealing Attorney

Naperville Record Sealing Attorney

Illinois Record Sealing Lawyer Assisting Clients in Naperville

 After you have been convicted of a crime in Illinois, you might expect your life to get back to normal after you have served your sentence. For many people in Naperville with criminal records, however, there are continued negative effects of having a criminal conviction on your record. Such convictions can include misdemeanor offenses, as well as more serious felony offenses like narcotics charges or weapons charges. When you want to prevent potential employers, creditors, and even neighbors from having access to information about your criminal record, you should get in touch with a Naperville record sealing attorney to learn more about your options.

Record Sealing and Expungement in Naperville, Illinois

Were you convicted of a crime in Illinois or elsewhere in the U.S., and are you continuing to face the repercussions of that conviction even though you have served your sentence? You may be eligible to have your record sealed. Under Illinois law, record sealing is often discussed in conjunction with expungement. It is important to understand the differences between these processes.

To seal your records means that the records still exist, but cannot be accessed without a court order.  Some criminal convictions are not eligible for record sealing. You might think of record sealing as a way of hiding your criminal record.

You May Be Eligible to Have Your Criminal Record Sealed With Help from a Record Sealing Attorney in Naperville

To have your criminal records sealed, you should work with a record sealing lawyer in Naperville, IL on the following required steps:

In general, you cannot have your criminal record sealed if one of the following is true: 

Most types of criminal records can be sealed once a three-year window has passed since the sentence was served. However, the following types of offenses cannot be sealed:

Contact a Naperville Record Sealing Lawyer 

Having a criminal record can impact your life in many ways. It can be difficult to get certain types of jobs when you have a criminal record, and you will most likely have to disclose your conviction on job applications. Depending upon the nature of the conviction, having a criminal record can also prevent you from getting student loans and being approved for other types of credit. Let a Naperville record sealing lawyer help you. Contact the Law Offices of Jonathan Minkus today for more information.

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