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Naperville Expungement Lawyers

Naperville Expungement Lawyers

No matter what circumstances led to your criminal conviction, you know the consequences are harsh and extensive. There are challenges with passing a background check for a job, a loan, or renting a place to live. If you hold a professional license, you may have already lost your credentials and can no longer work in your chosen occupation. A criminal conviction can also be devastating at any stage of the immigration process. Under Illinois law, you may be able to expunge your criminal record, but the statute’s requirements on eligibility and filing a petition are complex.

As a post-conviction relief and expungement lawyer, Jonathan Minkus empathizes with the hurdles you face. He has more than 30 years of experience representing clients in Naperville, IL and throughout the Chicago area, so he has developed substantial skills in expunging convictions. Mr. Minkus is on your side throughout the process, from determining eligibility to filing the petition to other aspects of expungement proceedings.

Qualifying for Expungement in Illinois

Illinois law allows you to expunge a criminal conviction if you were arrested for a crime AND:

Keep in mind that, even if you do not qualify for expungement, you may be eligible to request record sealing in Illinois. The proceedings are distinct, but there are benefits for sealing a criminal record.

How Expungement Works

The expungement process begins by filing a Request to Expunge and Impound Criminal Records. It is critical to complete the petition accurately and avoid omitting any key information, which can result in a denial of the request.  Mr. Minkus will handle the legal details and complexities, especially when it comes to gathering proper records regarding your arrest and the nature of the charges.

Your Criminal Record After Expungement

Once your Request to Expunge and Impound Criminal Records is approved, the result is wiping out your criminal conviction as if you were never arrested. All records related to the charges are destroyed and your name is removed for the database of criminal offenders, so you can legally state that you have no previous convictions if asked by an employer. You will also not have to report convictions when executing a lease or applying for a loan. Still, you should consult with an immigration lawyer about expungement if you are not a US citizen or are going through the immigration process.

Talk to a Knowledgeable Lawyer About Expungement Options in Naperville, IL

Attorney Jonathan Minkus has extensive experience helping clients with expungement and other types of post-conviction relief. If you have questions or want to schedule a free consultation, please call our office at (847) 966-0300 or check us out online.

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Senior Partner Jonathan Minkus has successfully defended individuals charged with every conceivable criminal offense, from traffic misdemeanors to death-penalty eligible homicides.

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