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Just because you were convicted of a crime doesn’t mean that your conviction must forever haunt employment background checks, stop you from becoming a U.S. citizen or remain a deportation threat.

There is no reason to let a youthful mistake, misunderstanding, past criminal record—or especially a criminal identity theft—be a barrier to future opportunities. Many options of post-conviction relief are available to help you, even after you have served time, finished probation, or paid your fines. Relief is critical for clearing the records of victims of criminal identity theft.

Through post-conviction proceedings, the Law Offices of Jonathan Minkus can attempt to lessen the negative consequences of having been convicted of a crime. Your background may be used against you in rental matters, employment and education opportunities, by Immigration and Naturalization—and even socially.

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Why Post-Conviction Relief?

Assault Lawyers Skokie

Being charged with assault in Illinois is a serious matter. If convicted, you could spend time in jail, pay thousands in fines, and be saddled with a felony on your criminal record. Fortunately, there are several possible defenses to assault charges, depending on the case circumstances. 

Common defenses to assault charges include the ones outlined below. If you have questions about your case, please contact the Skokie assault lawyers at the Law Offices of Jonathan Minkus


Self-defense is a powerful defense strategy if you were attacked by the other person and can prove it. However, to prove it was an act of self-defense, you must prove there was a threat of illegal force or harm against you. Also, you and your attorney need to show the court that you had a real, perceived threat of injury and acted to mitigate the danger. 

Next, you must show that you did not provoke the aggressive act or cause harm and that you had no opportunity to retreat from the confrontation. Last, the force you used to defend yourself must be deemed reasonable compared to the force used against you. 

For example, if someone tries to push you and you respond by stabbing them with a knife, the jury may conclude that the force you used was unreasonable. On the other hand, if you react to a shove by slapping the person, that would likely be considered a reasonable response. 

Defense Of Others

This is similar to self-defense. You must have had a real sense of a threat to another person. The limits in self-defense are the same in defense of others. You need to demonstrate reasonable grounds for having a fear that someone else was going to be harmed. 

Defending Property

You also may argue that the alleged assault was done in defense of your property being occupied or taken. This defense usually only applies if the property in question is a residence. 

For example, if someone breaks into your home and you assault them to stop the crime, this could be considered a reasonable action. But this may not be a valid defense if you attack someone with a bat when they try to steal your car. 

Mental State

You may avoid an assault conviction if you lack the appropriate mental state at the time of the alleged crime. Or, you may have a valid defense if you did not intentionally act when you committed the assault. 


Consent could be a viable defense if you are charged with assault if the other person consented to the act. A typical example is if you were engaged in martial arts with the other person and they agreed to the situation. 

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