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Is It Possible to Stop an Extradition Request?

Extradition, the legal procedure for transferring a suspect from one country to another for prosecution or punishment, is often fraught with intricate…

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The Extradition Process

Extradition, a legal term often associated with high-profile international criminal cases, is a complex procedure that involves one country surrendering an individual…

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Failing to Disclose a Felony Can Have Serious Employment Consequences

Job applications often ask the applicant if they have ever been convicted of a felony. Some applicants attempt to conceal their criminal…

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What It Means to Be Charged with “Aggravated” Assault in Illinois

The words assault and battery are often used interchangeably in regular parlance. Yet, under Illinois law, assault and battery are very different…

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Drinking and Driving and Summer Holidays

As Chicagoland enjoys the warm, sunny days that summertime brings us, drivers should be aware of DUI roadblocks along Illinois roadways. Roadside…

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